Covid 19 is affecting our lives in many ways – not just human lives, but plants and animals, big and small, and the habitats they live in. The lockdowns and the massive government budget realignments to address Covid 19 challenges have impacted on livelihoods of people reliant on biodiversity, including those who risk their lives protecting it. As economies worldwide take time to rebound, UNDP BIOFIN, in partnership with the Alternative Finance Lab (AltFinLab) is contributing to short-term efforts to alleviate the acute lack of financial resources through the launch of crowdfunding campaigns in selected countries. Let’s protect the remaining biodiversity acting as a buffer against future pandemics. Let’s support communities who protect biodiversity. Support countries at the forefront of biodiversity action. Support this campaign that nurtures life. Support this campaign that provides food and keeps conservation heroes in their jobs.

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September 2020