Estrategia financiera de movilización y optimización de recursos para el financiamiento al cambio climático

Estrategia financiera, movilización, optimización, recursos para financiamiento, Cambio climático
Finance Plan (BFP)

The present document "Financial Strategy of Mobilization and Optimization of Resources for the Financing to the Climatic Change (EF)", widely approaches the different options to finance PANCC, contributing gradually to a redirecting of resources (public and private), that must allow the country to advance in the consolidation of an enabling environment to financing of climate change. This report identified the following requirements: A) Redirecting towards an optimized governance approach for the implementation of the PANCC, which considers the political management and the consolidation of cross-cutting teams to share the responsibilities for its application, as well as the strengthening of the technical teams of MARN and MINFIN. B) Optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of existing resources through the introduction of a results-based management and its measurement. C) Improving government data-base in order to strengthen decision-making in relation to environment, through the provision of indicators and statistics on the Country’s commitment to environmental expenditure, climate change and biodiversity. The estimation of such subjects should be included in the national accounts for monitoring and evaluating expenditure and associated policies D) Investing in climate change to promote sustainable development, incorporating society throughout the process, (particularly the private sector -productive and financial sector-)-, as financing actions on climate change requires both sectors.