Payments for Ecosystem Services

The Ministry of Finance and Prices (MFP) authorizes the Payment for Environmental Services (PES) for removal of atmospheric carbon through sustainable forest management, for the first time in Cuba. This PES is one of the pilot financial solutions in which the BIOFIN initiative has worked since 2018.Read more
BIOFIN has launched an interactive Microsite of its flagship publication - the BIOFIN Workbook 2018. The Workbook Microsite allows readers and users to access the publication online and has easy access to chapters, diagrams and figures. Browse the Workbook Microsite hereRead more
The world’s natural capital is worth US$125 trillion per year. This number exceeds the global GDP. The food we eat, the clean air we breathe, our water, medicine, and places for recreation all depend on nature. Humanity depends on nature. Yet, we have historically ignored its value. Nature’s service...Read more