BIOFIN 2020 Webinar Series


From July 2020 onwards, the Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) will host 6 webinars featuring the Private Sector experts who took part in insightful discussions of what we know, what we don’t know, the latest news, and the implications of the pandemic for all of us.

When new webinars in this series are scheduled, this page will be updated. Stay tuned for announcements.


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#1: Finance Sector

The financial sector is one of the most influential business sectors as it is involved in every other business sector in the world. Amongst other roles, the sector provides loans to start-up businesses or to businesses that want to develop; it has the role of shareholders in a wide variety of businesses and develops financial instruments e.g. green bonds for other business sectors to invest in. Through these instruments, the financial sector can influence other sectors and with that provide a positive contribution to biodiversity financing and biodiversity conservation on a large scale. Because of its role as a provider of loans and investments into other business sectors, the financial sector can steer the development of pro-biodiversity business and set strict requirements in relation to the biodiversity performance of a business in order for it to be eligible for funding.


  • Gwendolyn Yu, Head of Engagement Transformation, BNP Paribas
  • Andrew Mitchell, Founder & Senior Advisor, Global Canopy Programme
  • Massimiliano Riva, Investment Advisor, UN Joint SDG Fund
  • Daniela Torres, Lead Expert, BIOFIN Mexico



  • Marco Arlaud, BIOFIN Global, Programme Officer

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